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The Hidden Noise Assemblage of Longshoremen.


Mr. Helton and the Dancetruck rig on the Beltline. (Taken with instagram)

BlogOFF - I mean, not in a mean F You way

My hott lady (Chimp Chat) and I are going to get back into actually posting to our blogs in one way or another. She’s more of a wordsmith and I’m more of a copy/paste, audio snip poster with no real focus on what my blog is about other than: random musings. So I guess I’ll keep it as-is, biz as usual, modus operandi same-same.

With my wifey’s persistent prodding, I just may keep up with it. The goal is a daily post. Get ready for some random shit. That’s the way I operate, at least for the next 2 minutes.

So Blog Off you dirty shrimp jackers!

Shrimp JackDr. Shrimpp Z. Budgets

Visitor - Quiet Time

Some more self-manipulated noises driven by the Casio & Rhodes. Then the rest of the insanity follows on fuzz bass, Minimoog, Hammond M100, guitar, percussion, gas.

Go here for the rest of the trrrracks:

Visitor - Racecar Ham

Have a lissen to a recent assemblage of noises and transients by Visitor (bh).

Inspired by post-Lifetime Larry Young, King Crimson improvs and Egg.

Checkkit/dl at

Early Modern Witch Trials @ Beyond Failure

Here’s a fun write-up by James Joyce about the terribly short-lived, hi-energy space rave-up fuzz combo, Early Modern Witch Trials. 





Lil Chud mini modular synth doing its thing. reblog from PatchAtoms.


Free, downloadable EP by the Hidden Noise Ensemble! Featuring me and my friend Blake Helton on guitars, percussion and various electronics.

Pocketful of Claptonite Big Band

Had an awesome time on Sat (5/7/11) as part of this one shot all-star group (IMO) at the AUX 5 festival in Athens, GA. Great stuff. Also got to play another set with Colin Bragg as the Hidden Noise Ensemble. A satisfying day, indeed. Wrapped up with some tasty bites from The Grit.

500 Songs For Kids

Played bass with Ben Coleman & James Joyce (Judi Chicago, Noot d’Noot) on Fri 5/6/11 at Smith’s Olde Bar/Stairs/Carpet. A real interesting smattering of folks and covers. We rocked on Cornershop’s Brimful of Asha.

Snow Daze are over…goodbye ham hand table fun. Back to reality. It’s kind of refreshing to be honest.

Slowly getting some momentum on BH info blog v.4. Here’s the kick-ass synth that Travis Thatcher (recompas/voice of saturn/judi chicago) masterminded. I’ve had it for about 6 months now and it is still amazing me with the sounds I can create (or stumble onto, rather). Limited only by the number of banana cables in your possession.

Here’s a post from co-conspirator Colin Bragg from Sat nite (w/Brian Kirk on bass). Was a great nite of music playing with the Jeff Crompton Quartet!


Kings of Atmosphere

The Colin Bragg Trio performed at Kavarna Cafe in Oakhurst GA this weekend. I am discovering that our strength is blending raw garage sounds with Impressionistic colors - thus these two realizations of Angelo Badalamenti and Terje Rypdal tunes, kings of atmosphere.

Via Colin Bragg

Be where your feet is at.

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